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Kade, I thought I made this clear that these were to be one-on-one interviews.

Yeah, but you didn't mean for us, though, right?

I did.

It's alright, Kade. It'll be your turn in a minute.

Yeah, but it's more fun to tease him when we're teamed up.

Are you admitting it takes both of you to match my wit?

Pff, you wish. Fine, I'll leave. 

Thank you. Now then, Callum, when is your birthday?

Is this about when you missed -

I did not miss Ash's birthday. I simply forgot to cross a day off the calendar and lost track.

Right. October 3

Ahem. How old are you?


What is your Zodiac Sign?

I think Ash said it was Libra.

What is your favorite color?

Hmm...I like the colors in autumn. Maybe a light orange?

Okay then. What is your dream job?

I'm not sure, really. Kade has this idea of making music, and I love playing

the guitar...I'm just not sure if that's where I want to stay yet.

Well, you have time to think about it. . .

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Callum Dardan
Nickname(s): Cal

Physical Appearance


Eye Color: Emerald Green


Natural Hair Color: Sandy Blonde


Height: 5'10"

Tattoos: None


Piercings: Ear cuff right ear

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