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Content Warnings

We want you to enjoy your reading experience with Elise and her friends. Below you'll find a list of possible triggers. If you come across something you believe should be marked, let us know and we'll right it as soon as possible. 

Thank you.

Chapter One - 

Mention of death


Chapter Two - 

Mention of death


Chapter Three - 

Insinuated Alcohol, Mention of death, Mention of gang violence (shooting)


Chapter Four - 

Discussion of job loss


Chapter Five - 

Mention of drowning

Chapter Six - 

Chapter Seven

Alcohol, Mention of drugs, Child Abuse, Gunshots

Chapter Eight - 

Chapter Nine -
Mention of child neglect, Mention of death

Chapter Ten -

Child Neglect and Abuse

Chapter Eleven -

Mention of death

Chapter Twelve -

Use of cigarettes

Chapter Thirteen -

Chapter Fourteen -

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