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Welcome back, Kade.

Yeah, yeah. I'm actually surprised you wanted it to be one-on-one. I kinda thought maybe you'd just put the same things down since Cal and I are twins.

I almost did. However, Elise, made it very clear that there are differences between the two of you and that should be highlighted.

A joke, of course. Now then, when is your birthday?

Dude -

No, this is not because I missed Ash's birthday!

Alright, alright, chill. It's October 1

And you're seventeen-

Hang on, this is a separate interview from my brother! Ask me the question.

Fine. How old are you?

I am a decade plus seven years of age.

I think you mean- never mind. What is your Zodiac Sign?

Oh, Ash was going on about that some time ago. We were like a lie-bra?

A Libra, perhaps?

Pretty sure you're saying it wrong.

Moving on. What is your favorite color?

I like summer weather. But yellow is just a bit too bright for me. So I guess Maybe green?

Okay then. What is your dream job?

I think it'd be great to keep on doing what we're doing with busking. It's carefree and

no one is telling me what to do. But, I know that it probably isn't sustainable.

Maybe I can be a wandering music man.

Well, Perhaps you could think about it. . .

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Kade Dardan

Physical Appearance


Eye Color: Dark Green


Natural Hair Color: Sandy Blonde


Height: 5'9"

Tattoos: None


Piercings: Double pierces lobes, Ear cuff right ear

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