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How can you help?

A Star In Bloom is an indie project. We are not authors, artists, or musicians with the backing of any large (or small) company. All of this creativity is done on our own time. 

The scope of this project exceeds what is possible through traditional publishing methods. It uses multiple mediums and we would like all of the materials to be accessible.

Whether you happen upon this project from the serial novel releases, TikTok, Facebook, or YouTube, everyone is part of the fanbase for A Star in Bloom even if only one aspect appeals to you.

For the project to be successful, we first and foremost need readers! If you're reading - THANK YOU!

Secondly, we need readers who are willing to share and spread the word. If you're telling your friends about us - THANK YOU!

If you are looking for other ways to support, please browse the current suggestions :)

Thank you!

Read, Read, Read!

First and Foremost, we need readers! If you're already reading along, thank you! Do you have anyone you can recommend our story to? Invite them to read along!


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Subscribing to our mailing list will allow you to receive reminders for when a new chapter is released. You'll also be notified when we get our music channel up and running, a character celebrates a birthday, or any pressing announcements such as a delay in post. 


Connect And Share

Are You on Facebook? TikTok? Here is a list of socials/websites you can find our creatives at - 


Mavin D. Wright (Author)


TikTok (@mavin_d_wright)


Paige Spear (Editor)


Kalista Arte (Artist)


Musicians to come soon

Don't forget to share, share, share <3


If You Have Change To Spare

If you're willing to support monetarily, thank you!

Donations will help keep the website running and help our creatives know this is a project worth continuing.

You can find the link to Patreon  here 

Stay on top of Chapter Releases!

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