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Hello, Vincent.

Why so formal?

I thrive in a professional atmosphere. Are you ready to begin?

Let's get this over with. I got work at the shop.

When is your birthday?

August 22

How old are you?


What is your Zodiac Sign?


What is your favorite color?

Don't really have one.


Are we here to go into the psychology of colors?

I suppose not.

Great. So we done?

One more for now - What is your dream job?

I like my job right now.

That's it?

That's all I'm saying.

Right...Well, thank you.

You sound disappointed.

Not at all. If anything I'm relieved this was so straightforward.

Alright then. See ya.

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Vincent Taylor
Nickname(s): Vince

Physical Appearance


Eye Color: Brown


Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown


Height: 6'

Tattoos: Yes


Piercings: Double pierce lobes, conch

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