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Good Day, Ashely.

The name is Ash, use it.

For legal purposes, I will not.

This isn't a legitimate legal thing you're doing here, Kai. You're just asking us a bunch of questions.

I would appreciate you not looking at my clipboard.

Are you putting together bios of everyone in case we go missing?


You seemed freaked out over that murder doc we watched the other night.

Can we get on with the questions? When is your birth...ah

My birthday? Really, Kai?

It is uhm, just part of the question set. For legal purposes, I must hear-

That's bull-

I know when it is!

Then tell me. Tell me when it is and for "legal purposes" I will confirm or deny.

It is February...

How old are you?


What is your Zodiac sign?

What is your favorite color?

What dreams do you have for the future?

Are those all the questions?

That is all for now. But there may be more. . .

9 Nikk Jenkins.jpg
pngegg (2)_edited.png

Nikolas Jenkins
Nickname(s): Nikk

Physical Appearance


Eye Color: Blue


Natural Hair Color: Sandy Blonde


Height: 6'

Piercings: lobes

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