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Royce Schild
Nickname(s): Roy

Physical Appearance


Eye Color: Hazel


Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown/Soft Black


Height: 5'10"

Tattoos: Not yet inquired


Piercings: Earring right lobe

Thank you for meeting with me.

It's no problem, Kai. It was probably overdue

Are you referring to the fact that Elise went to live with you before most of us

knew who you were?

Yes, that.

Hmm, then I may need to be more intense in my questioning.

If that makes you comfortable.

Regardless, it starts easy. When is your birthday?

That would be March 10.

How old are you?

Going on thirty-four!

Thirty-four? Isn't that-

A little old to be hanging out with you "young" people? I don't think so.

I was going to say that seems young for someone inside the music industry.

Oh. Well, it is! I can be persistent when I want to be.

I see...Zodiac Sign?


What Is Your Favorite Color?

No Pisces joke?

I only ask for documentation.

Ah, Alright then. Red, I believe. Like a nice round tomato

Is this your dream job?

Interesting question. Well, in short – Oh, hang on one moment.

I need to take this call.

Take your time. . .

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